Lightning 50


Product Description

Note : For the model shown here the price is £1950, however as each model is custom built, please apply directly for your custom specification and price.

Lightning 50 Twin Channel hand wired boutique valve amp.

  • Choice of pre-amp modules
  • Choice of FX for each channel
  • Choice of output power amp valves

The model shown has :

  • 5 ECC83’s, 1 ECC81, 2 KT88’s
  • 2 Independent Channels
  • 2 Different pre-amp modules, giving each channel it’s own sound
  • Clean sound up to half way on the gain of each channel, after which you can dial in the required amount of distortion that suits your style while keeping the volume at the desired level with the main volume control.
  • First channel is designed to give a “Blues” style sound, with a very “creamy” sound. Second channel is brighter with more of a clean sound.
  • There is a treble boost on the first channel for those occasions when you want to give your sound more bite.
  • The second channel lets you dial in as much overdrive as you need.
  • Output stage is 2 x KT88’s giving an output of 50W.
  • There is an option of being able to switch to a lower output power setting for when you are rehearsing.

If you just want a single channel head, or a twin channel head, or a combination then please get in touch for your own personal requirements.

How does the amp sound?

Below are some examples of the different sounds of the amp that is shown.

The sound clips show the versatility of the amp, demonstrating everything from a clean sound to a Jazz and blues style, through to a more crunchy heavier sound.

As each amp is different, and every guitar is different, so each amp can have its own character too.

Each pre-amp circuit can be chosen to match the sound of your favourite amp, whether that is a Marshall Plexi head or a Fender Blonde Tweed. You can mix and match the pre-amps to have one style on the first channel, and a different choice for the second channel. The power amp section can also be changed to suit your individual preferences. You may wish to have the classic English rock tone with EL34’s, or for a more smoother sound you could have KT66’s or KT88’s or 6L6’s.

The choice is yours.

If you wish to hear how your guitar would sound, then please get in contact to book an appointment.


Clean Country 2

Clean Country 1

Clean Rythm Ch2

Clean funk 1


Blues Clean 1

Blues Clean 2

Overdrive Sounds

Heavy Riff 1

Heavy Riff 2

Heavy Riff 3

Heavy Lead 1a

Medium Crunch 1

Medium Crunch 2


Jazz Clean 1

Jazz Clean 1a

JB1 Clean

Lead 1


Lush 1

FooFighters 1

Robbie W 1

Johny B Solo

Johny B 1

Dribble 1

Riff 1a