Keyboard Repairs

Image of piano keyboard ready for repair
Modern keyboards are generally very reliable, but one of the most common faults is for keys to become intermittent or not working at all. This is because the “mechanics” of the key contacts get worn, and need to be replaced.

While this is not a difficult task, it is reasonably time consuming, as it requires the keyboard to be disassembled before access can be granted to get at the contacts. The contacts are normally very similar to those that you would find on your tv remote control, a rubber membrane with a carbon button making a connection across two contacts. Once new contacts have been fitted, the keyboard should be as good as new. The normal service cost for this would be approximately £65.

The worst thing that can happen, is for a drink to be spilt over the keyboard, especially if it is acidic, as this can corrode the contacts. Please don’t rest drinks above your keyboard, as this becomes a much more expensive repair.

Electric Piano Repair

Electric pianos also suffer similar problems, and can also start to give a dull mechanical “thud” sound when the keys are released, which will gradually get worse over time. This is due to the cushion that dampens the keys after release, and can be repaired by replacing this cushion. Once again the average cost for this repair would be £65.

Obtaining spares for keyboards is not normally a problem unless the manufacturer is no longer in business. The one that comes to mind here is Technics, who made a large number of keyboards, and some spares here may not be possible to obtain. Internet web searches may be your best friend here.

Normal electronic repairs can also be performed, please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.