Effects Pedals, Valve amplifiers, Speaker cabinets and more

Hand wired guitar amp

CJS Services offers bespoke equipment for professional musicians. We can offer anything from boutique valve effects pedals, through to complete custom built all valve amplifiers.

To complement this, we can also provide a full range of speaker cabinets to match. They are durable, robust, high quality cabinets, which are built to meet your specific needs. The cabinets combine both strength and lightweight to provide a sturdy robust design, which is easy to manage. This gives a practical solution to today’s performers.

The valve based guitar effects pedals are housed in a sturdy all metal case, and can offer a variety of sounds that can help to enhance your guitar amplifier. The valve can be seen from the top of the pedal, giving this boutique effects pedal a visual image, which is carried over from the design of the guitar amplifier.

A fault on your equipment, or simply a service required, then let CJS services accommodate you. We can repair everything from amps, keyboards, PA systems to electric guitars.